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Our on-line newspaper was created in the spirit of The Grit Paper,  an old-time country newspaper named for the truth it told -- the real grit.  In Smuteye, it was delivered from horseback.  Major and his older brother dutifully delivered The Grit from the back of Old George, their trusty white horse. 

The original Grit is now available online at

Our on-line version does not report all the news, there are many excellent sources for daily news.  Rather, we strive to shed light on important issues that have not received adequate coverage.  Choose from the headlines below:

bulletThe Willie Edwards Story - COMING SOON!
bulletConvicted by Juries, Exonerated by Science: Case Studies in the Use of DNA Evidence to Establish Innocence after Trial.  This US Department of Justice Research report examines how DNA evidence is over-turning past convictions.  Follow this link to get the Acrobat Reader.
[Note: This is a large (583KB) document in Adobe PDF format.  If you need a reader to open this file, go to]




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